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VITC DAO is here!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Vitamin Coin DAO is here!

As you may already know, VitaminCoinSBP distributes 50% of the daily $VITE rewards it receives as an SBP among all its voters. Recently, we even topped it up with a 100x VITC multiplier!

Now, we are pleased to announced that the next stage of Vitamin Coin's development is here! As many of you may know from our whitepaper, an additional 25% of the daily Vite rewards that VitaminCoinSBP receives will be split among members of the Vitamin Coin Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (VITC DAO).

In practical terms, this means more $VITE for you everyday, starting from 11 December 2021!

The VITC DAO has a crucial function: it will eventually be responsible for governance decisions. Members of the VITC DAO will be responsible for making key decisions that shape the future developments of the Vitamin Coin project.

To register as a member of the VITC DAO - and join us in developing the Vitamin Coin project - please register at this address: Please note that this address will need to contain VITC.


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