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Herbarium competition

A beautiful time of the year - autumn - is here. 🍁🌿🍂

There are so many amazing and bright elements of nature around: tree leaves, berries, cones....

Do you remember how in childhood we created amazing bouquets of tree leaves and flowers and crafts from autumn gifts of nature? Let's be children for a while and remember these wonderful moments.


1. Make a herbarium using autumn gifts of nature: cones, tree leaves, flowers, mushrooms and berries, vegetables, twigs....

2. Take a picture of your masterpiece with a piece of paper with your Discord name and date written on it. (Digitally added names are not accepted! Photos from the Internet are prohibited!)

3. Post on Twitter with the slogan: "Autumn is full of bright and rich colors, as our life is full of a variety of vitamins!". You may attach maximum 3 individual images of one product, photo collage is not accepted.

4. Tags @Vitamin_Coin @ProofOfSweat @vitcswap #autumn #vitc #childhood

5. Post a link to your tweet in the event channel #herbarium-competition. One member can submit one entry only.

Remembert that you need to show off your creativity! An image of a dried leaf will be considered low-effort and you won't get rewarded. Craft a beautiful decoration! Surprise the community with your masterpiece!


00:00 September 11 UTC to 23:00 UTC September 30.


1st: 3000 VITC 2nd: 2000 VITC 3rd: 1000 VITC

4000 VITC split amongst all other eligible participants.


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