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100x VITC multiplier for SBP voting rewards

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Happy holidays from the VITC team!

To celebrate this festive season, we will be sending a gift to all of our loyal members who are currently voting for the VitaminCoinSBP -- a 100x VITC multiplier! This is a four-fold increase from the current VITC multiplier of 25x. Consider this our secret holiday gift to you!

Don't worry if you missed this! On another random day this month, we will be giving out another 100x VITC multiplier in addition to our VITE daily voting rewards! Remember, however, that you will receive voting rewards only after 24 hours of voting for the VitaminCoinSBP.

More good news -- going forward, we will be having a 100x VITC multiplier once a month, on a random day.

Happy holidays, and stay healthy! After all, your health is your wealth!


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