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Vitamin Coin
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Vitamin Coin (VITC) aims to promote healthy living - something that is too often neglected in these times. The project transitioned from complete founder control to a democratic team of people working together to develop and sustain the project and community.


The team regards mental and physical well-being as crucial aspects of a happy and healthy life. In line with these commitments, the main distribution methods of VITC centre on rewarding exercise and healthy routines. Come join us to realize how your health can also be your wealth!


About Us

About Us

Your health is your wealth!

Design 12-14-2021 17.58 PM.png


Come join our community!

"  Instant noodles master, coder when not lazy, likes money and useless things. Owns a cat named after a sauce name. One of the coders at Vitamin Coin, currently operates tipbots, trying to make the user experience as smooth as possible.  "

Not Thomiz#0001

aka Thomiz

"  Working on discord bots and faucets.  "


aka Mal

"  Always looking at the fun side of life Years ago I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down and now I’m trying to remember it. In my free time, I’m always pushing my body to limits with different sports. Now working alongside VITC I’m looking forward to seeing VITC grow and to achieve its goals! Look up, get up and don't ever give up! Consistency always wins. A big hug and greetings from sunny Spain!  "


aka ispan

"  In the cold lives this bear. He loves getting creative and designs what it do.   "


aka Jayy

"  Job hopper extraordinaire, technophile, and crypto enthusiast. Loves Lego and smoked food. Proper degen when it comes to defi.  "


aka Kript

"An IT professional who specializes in firewall security. He loves to tinker with codes and build handy bots in his free time.​"


aka Minion 

"  N.A.  "


aka Rolex

" Rowjelio is an endangered species, he's the last one in existence. His diet can sometimes consist of grasses and aquatic plants. He's a windows platform developer from California who primarily focuses on social media support and navigating the bureaucracy of listing and wallet integrations. "


aka Rowjelio

"  Puzzler-maker. Community Manager.  "


aka Shuttlecock

"  Entertainer & a community builder. I like to train baby dragons always and make them healthy community members with rich Vitamins.  "


aka Tarzan

Very cute cat. I like cute things. I like pink and cute things. Are you cute? I manage our subreddit.  "

Very cute cat#6275

aka Very cute cot

"  Developer who's too tired to code after work, so just mods the server.  "


aka Vitamachine1081

"  An open-minded and fun crypto enthusiast and crypto evangelist. I love people, communication and crypto. I believe in mass adoption, in the power of VITC and crypto tweeter. My day to day job is being an accountant.  "


aka Yasya

"  Creator of vitamin coins. former couch-potato turned workout fanatic. mental health advocate. His favourite villain from the Batman franchise is Enigma. 50% chance he’s Satoshi Nakamoto.  "


aka appleday

"  Discord wizard, "very smart".  "


aka 5am

"  Audio & Crypto Software Engineer experienced in game, desktop and web development with a passion for sound and the blockchain.".  "

Zach Dolph#7757

aka TrendSetter

Design 12-14-2021 17.58 PM.png




Logo: #C8440C






For those that would like to contribute and help us grow, the media kit is always a great place to start! Here you have access to our different logos, the colours, and fonts we use,

If you aren't quite sure how to start, you can also check out our "Guide" located in the download below. 

Media Kit Usage Guideline

Media Kit

Meet the Team!

The senators of VitaminCoin 

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