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VITC Healthy Crossword Puzzle

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Come do a fun Crossword Puzzle with health/healthy related questions!

Solve the puzzle:

If you can't access the puzzle, use this file


  • A link to a Crossword Puzzle will be posted at the start of the event

  • You have 13 hours to complete the puzzle

  • Once you have completed the puzzle; take a screenshot of it and write your discord name (USERNAME#1234) on the screenshot

  • DM (Direct Message) @SSJ4Link#8807 the screenshot

  • Any discussion about the puzzle answers with others will lead to disqualification of your submission - this is regardless if you do it via DM or on the server. The Coaches will be watching!

  • Late submissions will not be accepted

  • The puzzle will be in English only

  • Follow #🎪│event-announcements channel on Discord, r/vitamincoin or this article closely to receive the puzzle


Puzzle Release Time: Wednesday March 16th at 13:00 UTC


10,000 VITC to be rewarded

  • Bonus prize for the first person to submit a valid entry (50 VITC extra)

  • Bonus prize for the second and third person to submit a valid entry (25 VITC extra each)

  • Everyone will share the remaining of the total prize pool - Including top 3 (9,900 VITC)


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