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Vitamin Coin Puzzle: In and Out

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

UPDATE: The puzzle has been solved! See the solution below.

The puzzle contains information to derive the 12-word mnemonic phrase of a VITE wallet containing 3000 VITC, sponsored by Vitamin Coin Team.

Information about the mnemonic phrase may be found in both the puzzle title and the image.

You can check whether the wallet address and whether the prize has been already claimed or not on the ViteScan Explorer:


- You can download the original image here:

- The goal is to find the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, that you can import using or the Vite wallet app.

- The website and wallet app will prompt you for an “Account Name” and “Password”. You can enter anything into these fields. As long as you have the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, you will gain access to the wallet.

Once you have claimed the funds, feel free to boast about it / let us know how you solved it on your preferred social media platform! Vitamin Coin is on Discord (, Twitter (, Reddit (, and Instagram (

This puzzle is created by our community member, Daw#9719.


#1 : Are you lost? Try using a compass to find the right direction


The first thing we notice when you look at the puzzle is that the flower has 12 petals. Since we’re looking for a solution that contains 12 words, it suggests that each petal should correspond to a word.

We also notice that each petal has 11 sections which are filled which 2 shades of yellow – light and dark. This suggests that the petals are in binary, and a light section represents a 0 and a dark one represents a 1. 11 binary digits also corresponds to 2048 in decimal which is how many words there are in the BIP39 word list. So, we need to find the binaries for each petal and map it out to the corresponding word in the BIP39 wordlist.

But the question remains whether we should calculate the binary from the apex to the core or the core to the apex. The title of the puzzle “In and Out” suggests we need to do both. In for the Inner petals and out for the outer petals.

Calculating the numbers like this and mapping them to the BIP39 word list should give us the appropriate words, but we still need to find the sequence of the words. If we look carefully, we can see that the left most petal has a small W written on it. The W being on the left-most petal suggests that the W means West. The flower also represents a sunflower (the original filename is also Sunflower if it was unclear). And the sun from the east and sunflowers face the sun, so it suggests that we start from the petal opposite to the “West” petal.

Now that we know where to start, the only question remains whether we should put the words in a clockwise order or an anticlockwise order. If we look closely at the spiral in the middle, it suggests that we should put them in a clockwise order.

So, after putting the words in clockwise order, we get the right mnemonic phrase.


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