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Vitamin Coin Marathon

Discord event : Vitamin Coin Marathon

We believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is the gift of health. So let's embark on a "Vitamin Coin Marathon" -- start the year by developing a new habit, and inspiring your fellow Vitamin Coin Community members.


1. Record yourself running (or have someone record you running).

2. Video length must be between 20 sec to 1 min.

3. Discord username tag on the backside of runner with a Vitamin Coin logo or slogan. (Printed or drawn)

4. Do not reveal your face!

5. Video should be edited to include your favourite workout music.

6. Upload your video to Twitter, and tag @vitamin_coin and #healthyVITC

7. Drop the link in our Discord server (, in the #vitamin-coin-marathon channel.


500-1000 VITC per person, depending on the video quality, background music and proper visibility of Discord tags.

Event date: 8th Jan-18th Jan 2022 12:30 PM UTC (6:00PM IST) Join our discord community:


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