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Moff Moff Dragum Recap

Article prepared by akufishheads#6969 and Deem#9561.

Last week we announced that Vitamin Coin is sponsoring an AKU WORLDS game called Moff Moff Dragum. In this evolving text-based game, players travel around the map looking for treasure, performing heists, and defending the world against the evil Dragum!

The game essentially resets each week, which is when rewards for treasure are distributed. Here are some statistics from the previous week:

  • Total Players: 61

  • 183 Bronze Vitamin Coins found worth 8 VITC each

  • 83 Silver Vitamin Coins found worth 27 VITC each

  • 28 Golden Vitamin Coins found worth 133 VITC each

  • Largest amount to a single player: 504 VITC

  • Average amount per player: 111 VITC

  • Over 7500 VITC distributed in total!

  • Heaps of fun distributed

  • 973 Banano and multiple akufishheads NFTs distributed

Come join the AKU WORLDS Discord server to assist in the fight and earn VITC today!

By the way, if you are new to Vitamin Coin, or new to receiving Banano from the Vitamin Coin tip bot on Discord, I have put together this guide to help you out:

Withdraw Banano from Vitamin Coin Tip Bot to Banano Wallet

You will need:

  • Vite Wallet (I used the Android Vite wallet for this guide)

  • Banano Wallet (I used Kalium)

  • At least 2 BAN in your Vitamin Coin Discord tip bot balance

I will describe the process step by step, but once everything is up and running, the process is quick and painless. Here’s the TLDR version:

  1. Withdraw BAN from tip bot to Vite Wallet

  2. Withdraw BAN from Vite Wallet to Banano Wallet

  3. ???

  4. Profit

Sounds easy right? It is! And more importantly, there are no fees! If you don’t want to bother with trying to figure it out on your own, I’ll walk you through it:

Step 0 - Ensure you have some BAN in your Discord Vitamin Tip wallet:

Step 1 - Add BAN-001 Asset

You already set up your Vite Wallet, right? It was a prerequisite, after all.

Open it up and you’ll see this screen; we want to add a Wallet Asset:

You can scroll through the list if you forgot to do your finger exercises today, otherwise, type ‘ban’ in the search bar and locate BAN-001.

Do NOT enable BAN-000, otherwise you’re on your own.

Flip that switch and get turned on:

Go back and admire your handiwork:

Step 2 - Send BAN from Discord to Vite Wallet

Here’s where things start to get funky.

We’re going to withdraw BAN from the tip bot to your Vite address!

How can this be?!

Well, actually it’s not your average BAN yet–it’s a Token on the Vite chain. VITC is a Vite Token too!

If you open BAN-001 you will see your Vite wallet address, so that’s what we will use:

Use that address to withdraw BAN from the Discord tip bot; it should take under one minute to process:

Step 3 - Send BAN from Vite Wallet to Banano Wallet

Your BAN is now in your Vite wallet as a Token!

From here, you could send it to the built in DEX and trade it for other Vite tokens, but that’s another story for another day.

Today, we’re just trying to get it to our Banano Wallet.

Open BAN-001 again (why did you close it?!):

Now, we’re going to do a Cross-Chain Withdrawal to transfer from Vite to Banano.

It’s finally time to use your Banano Wallet address I mentioned at the beginning.

You can enter it into the box, or click that little button to scan a QR code for your wallet:

Look ma, no fees!

When you press Withdraw, you will be prompted to Get Quota.

Don’t worry, this just means your phone will perform a math calculation to prevent dust attacks/spam/network abuse. You can learn more about Locking VITE on your own time.

For now, just press Run POW and see how smart your smartphone really is:

Once that is done, you’ll notice a strange Recipient Address.

This is an intermediary address for the ViNo Gateway that some healthy monkeys made that makes this whole process possible.

Trust in the process (or DYOR), enter your password, and you’re done!

After a few moments, you can enjoy that potassium in a familiar setting:

Now that you have been shown the way, see if you can figure out how to do a Cross-Chain Deposit to put the BAN back in your Vitamin Coin Discord tip bot wallet from your Banano Wallet!

I believe in you! (But maybe start small, just in case. . .).


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