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Let’s play Muck: Last man standing

Let’s heat up the new year with a multiple player game from the famous developer Danni - Muck. Players will have to do their best to be the last survivor.

Because of Muck’s limitations, each lobby can only have 8 players. There will be 7 players each game, one slot is preserved for the host so that we can spectate and broadcast the game.


  • 500 VITC for the winner of each game

  • 3500 VITC split among all participants

… and many tips and rains during the event


  • Be on time

  • Each room has 7 players

  • PVP mode is enabled (players can fight others)

  • No team working

  • Cheating is strictly prohibited

The host’s decision is the final decision

How to join

Here is the registration form. Form will be closed when it reaches 14 players, or after 00:00, 10th January 2022, whichever comes first.


08:00, 11th January 2022 (UTC).


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