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Handwriting Contest!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

VITC's next event is a handwriting contest! This is a motivational and fun approach to developing our handwriting skills - something which we do not use very much these days in the age of digital devices. Hopefully, this can encourage our community members to love to write again!


1. Pick any paragraph (around 300 words) from the Vitamin Coin whitepaper.

2. Write the paragraph on a piece of plain paper. Show us how beautiful your handwriting can be!

3. Write the date & your Discord username on the paper

4. Take a photograph of your handwriting!

5. Submit the photograph on our Discord channel, in the #handwriting-contest channel


1st – 3000 VitC

2nd – 2500 VitC

3rd – 2000 VitC

4th - 1500 VitC

5th – 1000 VitC

Aside, there will be 300-500 VitC bonus for all the participants.

Event runtime: 23rd November to 28 November 23:59 UTC



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