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Wrap your gift

New Year holidays - the most magical and kind time - the time of gifts. We all love to unpack gifts, and the design of the present is a very important component for a pleasant unpacking experience. In addition, the process of preparing a gift is very exciting and interesting.

On the eve of the most important holidays, we offer a competition for the most original gift wrapping for loved ones - moms, dads, grandparents, children or friends.

In the design, you can use any materials - boxes, bags, balls, ribbons, buttons, in general, everything that will make your gift unique and original.


  1. Decorate a Christmas or New Year's gift in an original / beautiful / unusual way (it is not necessary to show the gift itself).

  2. Take a photo of the wrapped and decorated gift with a piece of paper that will have your Discord name written on it.

  3. Tweet New Year's greetings for the Vitamin Coin project with a photo of the gift using the hashtags #gift #NewYear #Christmas #VITC. Tag 3 friends and @Vitamin_Coin.

  4. Send the link to your tweet in channel #wrap-your-gift on Vitamin Coin Discord.


1st place - 1500 VITC

2nd place - 1300 VITC

3rd place - 1100 VITC

4th place - 900 VITC

5th place - 700 VITC

The remaining participants will receive a reward for participation - a share of the prize pool of 4500 VITC.


From 20 December 2022 00:00 UTC to January 2 2023 00:00 UTC.

The organisers reserve the right to exclude users with invalid entry from reward list.

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