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Xmas & New Year 2022 greetings card drawing contest

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

VITC's next event is writing a greetings card addressed to the VITC & VITE Community.

Topic: Writing/Drawing "Greetings Card for Christmas & New Year 2022."

Rules :

1. Write the Greetings card on a plain paper, addressed to the VITC & VITE Community

2. Decorate the card - make it beautiful!

2. Write your discord username & date on the card.

3. Take a picture of your card.

4. Tweet the picture

5. Share the tweet link on our Discord server (, in the following channel: xmas-and-new-year-2022-greetings-card.

The event will start on the 18th of December, 00:00 IST and close on the 24th of December, 18:00 IST



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