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Vitamin Coin Puzzle: Colors Are Important

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This puzzle contains information about the 12-word mnemonic phrase for a Vite wallet.

The wallet contains 3500 VITC (currently valued at ~$15), sponsored by the Vitamin Coin team.

Information about the mnemonic phrase may be found in both the puzzle title and the image.

You may verify the wallet address and funds on the ViteScan explorer:

Title: Colors Are Important


You can download a high-resolution version of the image here:

The goal is to find the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, that you can import using or the Vite wallet app.

The website and wallet app will prompt you for an “Account Name” and “Password”. You can enter anything into these fields. As long as you have the correct 12-word mnemonic phrase, you will gain access to the wallet.

Once you have claimed the funds, feel free to boast about it / let us know how you solved it on your preferred social media platform! Vitamin Coin is on Discord (, Twitter (, Reddit (, and Instagram (

NOTE: One hint will be released every day, until the puzzle is solved.

This puzzle is created by wunderbar#6063.


The puzzle has been solved!


1. Use a colour detector to check the HEX codes of the colours in the puzzle.

2. The colours in the circle contain information about the position of each word of the 12-word phrase.

(a) Find the HEX code for each colour

(b) Convert the HEX code to ASCII text

(c) The result will be "one", "two", "thr", "fou", "fiv", "six", "sev", "eig", "nin", "ten", "ele" and "twe". I.e. "one" to "twelve". This is the position of the word.

3. The pieces outside the circle contain information about each word of the 12-word phrase.

(a) Find the HEX code for each colour

(b) They are:













(c) There is a pattern here: each HEX code contains a repeating value (or "unit"). E.g. 60F60F is just "60F" two times, and 9A9A9A is "9A" thrice.

(d) Take the repeating value, and convert it to numbers (from HEX to DEC).

(e) The result is a number between 1 and 2048.

(f) Match the number to a corresponding word on the BIP39 list. For example, 1551 is "scrub".

4. Combine the information from (2) and (3), and you will get the following 12-word phrase:

1 scrub

2 embody

3 neutral

4 lava

5 slab

6 mad

7 basket

8 crane

9 unhappy

10 only

11 have

12 solid

5. Key the 12-word phrase into a Vite wallet to access the funds.

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