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Vitamin Coin
  • shuttlecock3376

Vitamin Drawing Contest

Join us in a fun game of Drawing Contest! We welcome our vitamin heads to join us in creating original art! Let your imagination run wild and draw to your hearts content.

What to do?

  1. Download the"pill" template, below

  2. Draw whatever you think feels right - make the pill your personal thing!

  3. Submit the high-resolution image of your design on our Discord server, in the #pill-drawing-contest channel

  4. Change your profile picture to your own design, for the duration of the event


  1. You must submit original digital art that you have created. Submissions that involve copying and pasting images from the internet will be disqualified.

  2. No inappropriate or NSFW material

  3. Must be VITC/Pill related in some way.

Deadline: submit your designs from 9 December, 00:00 UTC to 13 December, 23:59 UTC


Total of 12500 VITC rewards

1st - 5000 VITC

2nd - 3000 VITC

3rd. - 2000 VITC

Participation - 2500 VITC Split among all accepted entries


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