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Trivia - Nutrients in your food

Do you like to eat? Of course you do! We at Vitamin Coin hope it is generally healthy food? How well do you know your healthy foods? Do you know what vitamins and minerals they are providing to you? This is the trivia contest for you. We are going to ask 25 questions to test you!


* Must be a member of Vitamin Coin Discord ( as the trivia is going to be held on Discord

* Trivia will be done in the #proof-of-fun channel

* We are going to be using the Quizbot:

-- A question will be posted

-- React to the question with your answer (only your first choice will count)

-- You have 15 seconds to answer

-- 25 total questions

When: Nov. 19th, 2021, 13:00 UTC


Top 15 players will get VITC tips corresponding to the number of points they earn!


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