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Raising awareness on harmful food products

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

How often do we buy food without paying attention to their components? Are you sure that the ingredients in the products are not harmful to our health?

Let's start a campaign and show the world that Vitamin Coin is against harmful food products.


  1. Go to a store and read the composition of the products on the packages.

  2. Find a product containing a component(s) which is harmful to human health.

  3. Take a photo of the composition of the product without indicating the trademark (to avoid unnecessary advertising).

  4. Publish your tweet on Twitter, containing the following information:

  • Photo of the composition of the product

  • Use the tags #VITC #VITE #FOOD #HEALTH and mention @Vitamin_Coin

  • Add some information about the harmful substances of this product and what effects it has on human health

  • Inform everyone: "Vitamin Coin is against harmful products!"

After that, post the link to your tweet on channel #beware-of-harmful-products on Vitamin Coin's Discord server.


10000 VITC split amongst eligible participants.


The event will be held from 00:00 19th March to 23:59 2nd April (UTC).


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