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Milkshake day!

It's almost Milkshake day (15 November)! Milkshake day is a day where we can reminisce the wonderful moments of our childhood.

VITC will be celebrating this event by holding a milkshake making competition!

This event is simple:

1. Prepare a milkshake.

2. Take a photo of your milkshake. In your photo, you should include a piece of paper with your Discord username. 3. Post the photo of your milkshake, together with the recipe for the milkshake, on our Discord server (#proof-of-fun channel, #milkshake-day thread).

4. Be rewarded!


1. You must be a member of the Vitamin Coin Discord (

2. Participants who post photos from the Internet will be disqualified.

Starts: 12 November 2021

End: 15 November 2021, 23:59 UTC


1st Place: 1500 VITC

2nd Place: 1200 VITC

3rd Place: 1000 VITC

150 VITC for each participant who fulfills the conditions.

Have fun!

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