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International Women's Day drawing competition.


International Women’s Day has been celebrated worldwide to commemorate women, their struggles, equality, raise social awareness and their achievements for making a socially healthy world.

The rules:

1. Draw anything related to women/girls. (pen/pencil/color)

2. Write discord username, date & a slogan for ''International Women’s Day''.

3. Take picture, then upload it to twitter, tag @Vitamin_Coin $VITC #VITC

4. Share the tweet link on the channel #international-womens-day-drawing

5. Avoid posting low effort drawings.

The prizes are:

1st place 5000 VITC

2nd place 4000 VITC

3rd place 3000 VITC

4th place 2000 VITC

5th place 1000 VITC

Apart, there will be 300-500 VITC for all the participants.

The event will start on the 20th February, 00:00 UTC and will end on the 8th of march, 00:00 UTC


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