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Halloween Drawing Contest

Hi friends, spooky Halloween is ahead and here we are ready to see your fearsome drawings.

How to join?

( I ) Hand drawn (anything related to Halloween), Pen, paper & color .

( ii ) Write your discord username & date.

( iii ) Take a picture of your drawing.

( iv ) Tweet the picture.

-follow/tag @Vitamin_Coin @ProofOfSweat #ProofOfSweat #healthyVITC #VITC #VitaminCoin #halloween

( v ) tag 3 friends.

( vi ) Share the tweet link on discord channel #halloween-emoji-drawing-contest


1st - 3000 VITC

2nd - 2500 VITC

3rd - 2000 VITC

4th - 1500 VITC

5th - 1000 VITC

*One of the random participant with best drawing skill, will get additional 500 $VITC :pill:

*Aside, there will be 300 VITC bonus for all the valid participants.

Note: Please avoid posting low effort drawings.

Any query? Please contact @0nyx Axton#4740 @TARZAN | WatchDog | IND#9610

Event date: 16th October to, 30th October 2022 17:00 UTC.


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