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Earn VITC by playing MOFF, MOFF, DRAGUM!

Vitamin Coin is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring one of the games on AKU WORLDS.

Read on to see how you can earn VITC weekly by playing, for free!

Article prepared by akufishheads#6969 and Deem#9561.

AKU WORLDS is the sanctuary for the silly side of art and humorous absurdities from the creative mind of @akufishheads#6969 - one of the NFT creators for Vitamin Coin. It was crafted especially for the "Aku" in all of you. In the fast, brutal, and often cutthroat space of blockchain and Non-FUNgible Tokens (NFTs), it is easy to lose sight of what is important.

So much of the real world is total bullshit that takes itself incredibly seriously. The much-less-bullshitty AKU WORLDS community is filled with 'memers' and 'crypto' enthusiasts who have taken up the Aku Ethic: I am Aku. You are Aku. Be true to you. Be the Aku we know you can do. WE ARE AKU!

Things are made up as we go and they can be whatever we dream it to be. AKU WORLDS is here to remind you that LIFE is supposed to be FUN.

The colorful Discord server is where much of the MAJIC happens, including silly games based on randomness that reward players with NFTs and cryptocurrency. There is always something going on in AKU WORLDS whether it is events that utilize blockchain technology in wacky ways or contests that show off member's efforts! Supporters of AKU WORLDS gain special roles and increased access within the server and games, though the LUB is spread to all members through frequent free drops and contests.

Aku NFTs are so fun, too! Akubebes, Akupunks, exclusives, oh my! Check them out on the WAX Blockchain where NFTs can be collected without crazy "gas fees" on a carbon-neutral platform. Keep your eyes peeled for unique AKU art on the upcoming VITC NFT platform!

Enough already, just tell me how I can get my Vitamins!

MOFF MOFF DRAGUM (MMD) is a text-based blockchain game on Discord currently in early access, with new features getting added every few weeks. Join us in the fight against the evil DRAGUM, and reap crypto and NFT rewards! You are transported to a whimsical world of adventure, where your goal is to rescue the gentle Moffs and defeat the evil DRAGUM. Each day you roll a MAJIC die (in the AKU WORLDS Discord) to attract Moffs and move around the board. With each move you can search for treasure, go on heists, gamble at Hovels, take a ride to the gym in a TAXICRAB, and more. At the end of the week, the treasure you collected gets converted into Vitamin Coin, Banano, and other fun prizes sent directly to your wallet!

MMD is only available to play in the AKU WORLDS Discord server, and you will need to verify your WAX address with our Honeycomb bot to play. Additional instructions and assistance are available.

We look forward to your presence, Dragumslayer!

Connect with AKU WORLDS using the links below:



AKU WORLDS Twitch streams:

AKU WORLDS Twitter for many GIVEAWAYS:

AKU WORLDS Instagram for sexy pictures:

AKU WORLDS Reddit for ...


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