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Discord VITC quiz bot

Another exciting and creative project is now live on VitaminCoin Discord server. Shoutout to VitaMinion (vitaminion#0001) and VitaTurtel (VitaTurtel#0001) for making this possible!

Do quizes, receive VITC!


  • Healthy and Fit roles

  • Knowledge (don't worry, it's fun and easy)


Getting started

1. Go to channel #🎮│quiz on VITC Discord server

2. Type /tos and send this slash command

3. Accept the Tos in DM

If the bot respond with this message, you're good to go!

Otherwise, if you don't react to the confirmation on time or decline, you can resend the /tos command anytime to gain access to the bot.

You only have to confirm that you agree with the ToS once only

Taking quizes

1. In the #🎮│quiz channel, send /quiz

2. Answer the quiz in DM

3. Get rewarded

You can take a quiz every 20 hours

That's it. Earn VITC while you broaden and test your knowledge!

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