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Caricature contest

Have you ever drawn a caricature?

Caricature is an exaggeration. In art, this is an implausible exaggeration in the depiction of a face, a kind of caricature. Let's explore a new direction in art together!


1. Draw caricature of any member in the Vitamin Coin community (avatar). Draw ONLY with a simple pencil (without color).

2. On your drawing, indicate your Discord username, the date and the name of the user you draw.

3. Post the picture in the event channel on VITC Discord: #caricature-contest.


00:00 1st July to 23:59 10th July UTC.


10 000 VITC split for all eligible event participants.

Have questions? Reach out to Rыs'ka#4875 or Pretty cute cat#0542 on Discord.

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