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An introduction to the Reddit tip bot

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and now Reddit. Our glorious dev u/aThomized has brought the tip bot anywhere, so we can share Vitamin Coin tips, as well as other Vite tokens with ease.

The Reddit tip bot is u/vitatipbot.



u/vitatipbot tip <amount> <currency> <mention user>


u/vitatipbot burn <amount> <currency>

Wallet management

Other actions have to be done in direct message with the tip bot. Follow the steps to send a message to the bot.

On desktop

On mobile

Interacting with VitaBot



.send <amount> <currency> <address>


Withdrawing from your Reddit tip wallet

Please note that Private Message is not the same as Chat. If you encouter any difficulties interacting with the bot, you can click on the titles above to perform an action of your choice.


What is a tip bot? Why is it necessary?

Free distribution is a fundamental principle of the Vitamin Coin project. With this tip bot, events and giveaways can be handled easily on Reddit. Along with official distribution, tipping culture is a part of our community.

What currencies are supported?

Currently, the tip bot only support tokens on Vite.


  • Although the tip wallet can be used to store and transfer funds, we strongly advise you against keeping a large amount of money in this wallet.

  • Tips are non-reversible and non-refundable.

  • The bot's authors reserve the right to freeze or seize any wallet without notice.

  • In no event shall VitaBot or its authors be responsible for any lost, misdirected or stolen funds

  • Tips are transactions on the blockchain, they cannot be reversed and will not be refunded. Please check twice before making any tips.


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